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Extremely Easy Guitar Chords
So you are a complete beginner and you are ready to start learning the guitar. You may have some goals in mind such as play a certain song, play for friends or even be in a band. The first thing you need to to learn before you can play the songs you love is knowing how to play chords. There are a lot of chords out there and most of them can be pretty hard. You should start with some easy chords and build your way up. This is exactly what we are going to do here. You will learn zero, one, two and three finger guitar chords, so let’s get started.

Chords with no fingers

Did you know that there are chords that require zero fingers? These chords are not commonly used but they are a great starting point. Here are a few examples.
The first diagram on the left is an Em7/11 chord and the second one is an Em/D.


Chords with 1 finger

These chords only require one finger to play and are very useful. With these three chords you can play tons of songs and even create your own as well!

Chords with 2 fingers

These chords are going to be just a little more difficult than the one or zero finger chords but are seen more often.

Chords with 3 fingers
You will see these chords everywhere. If you ever watch anyone play the guitar you will more than likely see them playing at least one of these chords.


Keep in mind that these are not all the one, two and three fingers chords. There are just a few examples picked out of the lot. Start learning the open, then the first, then the second and learn the third finger chords last. Practice switching from chord to chord and have fun playing all of these new chords!!
About The Author: Dylan Andrews is a professional guitarist, teacher, and entrepreneur living in Lawrenceville Georgia. Dylan has been teaching guitar for over 5 years and has helped over 100 people learn the guitar. If your looking for guitar lessons in Lawrenceville Dylan is the person you want to see.
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