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8 easy shortcuts in Guitar Pro 7 to make your process of writing tablature more efficient (Part 1)

If you are using Guitar Pro 7 to write music or to transcribe songs, you will want to read this.

Disclaimer: The actual keys, that you might need for using these shortcuts might differ from country to country.

Since the launch of the very first Guitar Pro Version in 1997, this program has developed into a handy tool for Guitar players. If you are not familiar at all with this program, here is in short what you can do with it:


Write Tablature for simple melodies

Write complete scores for entire songs

Use the built-in metronome and tuner

Play along to a song or a piece of music, of which you possess the Guitar Pro File (.gp). Check Ultimate Guitar

Use it to send your compositions to your bandmates, so they can practice them


I will not go into more detail about this, but jump directly to the little hacks, that will make your life easier in using this great tool to compose your songs efficiently.

1. Changing the string on which a note is played with Alt-UP/DOWN

You probably know by now, that one and the same pitch can in most cases be played on multiple places on the fretboard. Let’s say you got a B on the 7th fret of the low E string, but you rather want to see it on the 2nd fret of the A string, you click the note or select it with the arrow keys, then you press Alt + Arrow up and you just saved yourself a few seconds in which you would first delete the old note, then put that note to place, where you want to have that. If you must do that a few times in a row, that can make quite a difference.

2. Copy-Paste a section, that you want to repeat

Careful here. There are two different ways to use this. Also, the “Insert” Key [INS] is assigned to a different function in Guitar Pro 7. So in contrast to other text editor programs, you HAVE to use CTRL+C and CTRL+V, else it will not

Here is the first way, that works if you select only a few notes, that are all in ONE measure:

Let’s say you want to repeat a pattern of four 16th notes. Then you mark those notes either by clicking and holding the mouse on the first note and then dragging it across the section to the last note, or by holding the shift-key and using the arrow keys for navigation.

Then you simply hit CTRL+C to copy that section and use CTRL+V to paste it to whatever place you want to have them.

The second way is not much different and works for longer sections. If you mark multiple measures, the procedure is essentially the same as in the previously mentioned step, BUT you need to know, that if you mark more than a measure, Guitar Pro 7 does not consider any more how many notes you marked. It simply copies the whole measures and pastes them when you use the CTRL+C and CTRL+V shortcuts.

About the Author:
Michael Korte is a professional guitarist and composer in Finland and also teaches guitar at his Kitarakoulu Tampere. It is highly recommended if you are interested in learning how to compose or if you just want to learn the essential skills to be able to join a band.

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