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Are You Here Because You Are:

  •  New to playing guitar and not sure where to begin?

  • Frustrated with playing abilities?

  • Trying to learn from Youtube, books, DVD's, online, Apps, or from another guitar instructor and not seeing results?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above you're in the RIGHT PLACE!

I love taking lessons for electric guitar with Dakota. He encourages you, he is very knowledgeable, and it is a very fun atmosphere to be in. Dakota always makes sure you did something you feel good about before you leave.”

- Troy

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You're Not Alone. I Too Struggled To Learn

I remember learning electric guitar on my own, looking at things on the internet, and even taking Wausau, WI, guitar lessons with local teachers. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and lost. Many of my students, before taking lessons with me felt the same! Although, it doesn't have to be this way. With the right information and the right training at the right time, the frustration and struggle will melt away.

Want To Know Why Learning Guitar these ways DOESN'T WORK?

Learning From UNTRAINED Teachers

Learning from an untrained guitar teacher is like shooting in the dark. One teacher could be good or very bad. MOST guitar TEACHERS ARE NOT TRAINED how to teach guitar lessons. Untrained teachers, teach out of books or they come up with things on the spot. The teacher doesn't have a plan for you based on what you want to achieve. So this is why you may feel you know a lot of stuff but still have a hard time playing guitar the way you want. With other guitar lessons in Wausau, WI, you will get some Q&A and feedback, but the checking for understanding doesn’t happen until a week, or more, later.  This means tons of wasted time practicing wrong. Frustration builds because you could have forgotten what the teacher said or you misunderstood the lesson. Then, after that long week all you will hear is “Oh you are playing that wrong” AFTER A WHOLE WEEK!!! This happens because other guitar teachers in Wausau have never been trained how to teach electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons.

Learning Guitar Online

​Through websites like YouTube and even paid websites you get tons of information but your missing a key part in learning guitar. Feedback and training. The information you get can be at the wrong time, and in some cases incorrect information can really get you stuck in your guitar playing.  This could lead to bad habits, massive frustration, a TON of WASTED TIME or even worse you quit playing the guitar all together because you get overwhelmed.

Learning Guitar From Books

Books present topics to the learners in a linear way. Meaning you will spend a very long time on one topic or one part of your guitar playing and never move to another topic that is needed. Up front that seems great, you stay on one topic until you master it! Answer this question: "do you like feeling like a beginner?" most would answer no. That is how you will feel once you move to a different topic after "mastering" only one. That is because you have spent all this time working on only one part of your guitar playing so you may feel good about that one topic but once you go to another you will feel like a beginner. It can cause you to feel like you are not growing fast, that's because the approach is wrong. You need to be taught in a geometric way.

Teaching Yourself Guitar

Teaching yourself is one of the slowest, most frustrating paths to take. The problem with teaching yourself is you don't know what you don't know. So If you don't have a game plan, and a direction as to what, how, and where to learn things you will be lost.

Why These Methods DO NOT WORK 


There is no feedback, Q&A, or checking for understanding. All you get is the information. Another problem is getting information at the wrong time FOR YOU, and in some cases wrong information altogether.  This could lead to bad habits, frustration, or even worst quitting the guitar all together!

No Instant Feedback On Playing

No Q&A

No Checking For Understanding

What Does Work? What I Do For My Students

Define Your Goals

Develop A Plan

Build A Path To Follow

Work Together To Get You To Your Goals

Teach You What You Need Based On Your Goals

Hold You Accountable, Give Support and Feedback

Imagine defining what you want as a guitarist and having a path to follow. Now you know what, when, and how to practice (with the help of a trained teacher) to reach what you really want on the guitar!

Think about the support and accountably of myself, every teacher in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, and my students. Now the moment you have a question or a challenge you will reserve help to get past your challenge. 

Imagine not being frustrated while you practice guitar. You can now focus on making your guitar playing sound great and have fun doing it!

Imagine being able to feel proud of what you have achieved by tracking your growth and now you can build massive self-confidence to keep improving as a guitar player.

Before taking lessons for electric guitar with Dakota I tired taking lessons on youtube, 'A do it your self kinda thing'. It was very overwhelming because it has so much content and it was hard to pin point what was important to learn first and second" -Becky

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Aren't All Lessons For Guitar the Same? What Makes Wisconsin Rock Guitar Academy Different?

In short, No. All guitar lessons are NOT the same. Below are key points that other schools and teachers do or don't have. One of the biggest things that makes Wisconsin Rock Guitar Academy different is I am trained on how to teach electric guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons. The group I have been a member of since 2017, is called the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle (see member metals below). By being a part of this group I have learned ways to make learning guitar more fun, enjoyable, and get massive results guitar students







Others Teachers And Schools In The Wausau Area

Trained How To Teach Guitar

Part of Elite Guitar Teacher Inner Circle

Geometric Guitar Teaching Method

Effective Method To Track Student Progress

Teaches Goal Setting and Achieving

Teaches Guitar Lessons

Student Performances

Guitar Training 

Flexible Scheduling

Keeps Learning How To Get Better Results

Committed To Students and Their Goals

24/7 Feedback

Detailed Practice Schedule

Video Recording To Analyze Playing

Customized Backing Tracks To Play Along With 

Programs to Optimize Learning Benefits

9 Benefits Of Taking Guitar Lessons At Wisconsin Rock Guitar Academy

#1. Save Time And Money

By spending less on the out come and goal you want. This is possbile with my optimized programs and special training through The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

#2. Stopping Frustration

By having access to 24/7 help and programs that walk you through the process of learning and playing. So you know what to do before step foot out the door.

#3. Get Massive Results

By knowing what to practice, how to practice it, and for how long.

#4. Flexibility

Here I have unmatched flexibly for my students with my programs.

#5. Trained Teacher
This means you get the best teaching, training, and coaching. I have been working with the best teachers form all over the world to know how to teach you the best.

#6. Support and Guidance

Here you get massive amounts of support and guidance from me, my students, and every other guitar teacher in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

#7. It Is Fun

My programs are built for massive results and having fun with the process of learning and growing.

#8. Motivation

I fouces on building self confidence, building and maintaining motivation

#9. Organized Learning

By knowing what you need to learn based on your goals and having it ready, unlike most teachers who teach out of books or comes up with stuff off the cuff.

What Students Are Saying About WRGA

"Taking lessons for acoustic guitar has improved my guitar playing in millions of ways! I know way more chords, scales, and songs. Definitely go for it because it’s a lot of fun and you learn a lot”

- Cynthia

"I like taking guitar lessons here for the sole fact that I learn more. I would recommend taking lessons because it is a-lot more fun then sitting in my room looking up things and getting mad" 

- Camron

"Before taking lessons for guitar with Wisconsin Rock Guitar Academy it was horrible. I couldn't play anything. I struggled with playing, and just being motived to play."

- Casey 

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