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(Free Pass) Get A Free Week Of Guitar Classes! 

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Are you here because you want your child to:

  1. Learn to play an instrument  

  2. Have massive amounts of fun

  3. Have more self confidence

  4. Have more disciple

If you answered YES to any of the questions above you're in the RIGHT PLACE.  You should try our guitar class.... or better yet an ENTIRE WEEK of guitar classes for FREE!

My Name is Dakota and I am doing something crazy to promote our guitar classes for kids. I am giving away 20 passes for a free week of guitar classes. You can come as many times as you want through out the week.

For Children ages 8 and up

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"Dakota does a great job of teaching, motivating and making the lesson fun! My son looks forward to going every time and has made good progress in his playing and confidence." Chris, Eli's Dad

Click The Continue Button To Claim Your Free Week Of Guitar Classes

Offer Ends Soon and Spots Are Limited!

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