Here Because You Or Someone You Know Is:

  •  New to playing guitar and not sure where to begin?

  • Frustrated with playing abilities?

  • Trying to learn from Youtube, books, DVD's, online, Apps, or for form another guitar instructor and not seeing results?

If you answered YES to any of those questions you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

"Taking lessons has improved my guitar playing in millions of ways! I know way more chords, scales, and songs. Definitely go for it because it’s a lot of fun and you learn a lot” - Cynthia

I remember trying to learn electric guitar on my own, looking at things on the internet, and even taking electric guitar lessons with local guitar teachers. I felt frustrated, overwhelmed and lost. I have also seen many of my students go through the same things! Although it doesn't have to be this way.

What To Avoid 

I have had many students seek help in their guitar playing after doing one or more of the following:

  1. Learning online through websites like YouTube.

  2. Learning from video games.

  3. Learning from other teachers.

  4. Learning from books.

  5. Trying to teach yourself.


The reasons why none of the above methods work is because there is no feedback, Q&A, or checking for understanding. All you get is the information. The problem here is getting information at the wrong time, and in some cases wrong information.  This could lead to bad habits, learning guitar to not be fun, o even worst! quitting learn to play the guitar all together!!


With other Wausau WI guitar lessons, you will get some Q&A and feedback, but the checking for understanding doesn’t happen until a week, or more, later. That means you get tons of wasted time practicing wrong! You'll also get frustrated because you could have forgotten what the teacher said or you misunderstood the lesson. Then, after that long week all you will hear is “Oh you are playing that wrong” AFTER A WHOLE WEEK!!! This happens because other guitar teachers in Wausau have never been trained how to teach guitar to their students.

How To Fix This

Imagine if you had a road map leading you where you want to be as a guitar player. Along the way you had guidance, training, and a foolproof way to reach the end destination. That sounds pretty cool right?


Now you can get that by coming to Wisconsin Rock Guitar Academy. Where I will teach, train, coach and mentor you through the process of learning to play the guitar in Wausau WI, Weston WI, Rothschild WI, Schofield WI, Mosinee WI, Kronenwetter WI area

What Makes Me Different 

I am the only guitar teacher who has been trained how to teach electric guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lesson. The group I am a member of is called the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle (see member metal below).

By being a part of this group I have learned ways to make learning guitar more fun and enjoyable. All the while getting fast and massive results. 



Local Guitar 


Trained How To Teach Guitar

Part of Elite Guitar Teacher Inner Circle

Geo Metric Guitar Teaching Method

Effective Method To Track Student Progress

Teaches Goal Setting and Achieving

Teaches Guitar Lessons

Student Preformances

Guitar Training 

Flexible Scheduling

Keeps Learning How To Get Better Results

Committed To Students and Their Goals

24/7 Feedback

Detailed Practice Schedule

Video Recording To Analyze Playing

Customized Backing Tracks To Play Along With 

Programs to Optimize Learning Benefits

How To Get Out Of The Rut

  • Learn how and what to practice so that you don’t get frustrated and acheive what you want. 

  • Build confidence so that performing in front of others because fun!

  • Learn how to track progress, so that you see your growth and stay motivated.

  • Create a road map so that you can be committed to the plan, grow fast, and not get off course.

  • Reduce frustration by training so that you can learn much faster.

  • Learn the 5 key elements of guitar mastery, that no other local guitar teacher teaches.

  • Learn how to be creative with playing guitar so that you can enjoy practicing.

  • Set goals so that you have a path to follow stopping the chance of aimless learning.

  • Learn how to apply what you have learned to real music.

What Students Are Saying About Me

"Dakota is awesome!! He has been such a positive role model in my son's life. He has worked with us when weather was bad, and transportation issues have presented. I can't say enough how positive Dakota is. We definitely will keep Dakota on speed dial!" -Jared J (Jared's Mother)

"Dakota does a great job of helping his students individually 

improve along with personalizing your learning. I have been in the program for about a year and a half and I have learned so much from song writing to technical skills" -Brady A (17)

Guitar Teacher Training Certification 

You Also Get

24/7 Feedback!!

  • Prevents feeling frustrated at home waiting for your next lesson.

  • Growth becomes faster in return making learning guitar much more fun!

  • This is like getting an on demand lesson whenever you need it.

  • Your self confidence builds knowing that you have something to fall back on when you don't get what to do before your next lesson.

The value of this alone is $628 per month,

But for you this total FREE after sign up!



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