Adult Guitar Lessons Get Out Of The Guitar Playing Rut

Frustrated with current guitar skills?

Not playing guitar the way you want has a lot of effects on:

Missing out on the joy of playing in front of friends and family, or even live and you don't want to regret not having that exprecen 

Maybe you have wanted to play guitar for a long time and you really want to play it but it seems hard and frustrating to learn. 

You could be scared that you learned something wrong and now its going to take a long time to fix.

You Are Not Alone

It seems like you have a huge mountain to clime and you do not know how to even start to clime it! Many of my Adult guitar students have felt this way in their guitar playing. What they have found is getting the right teacher to train, coach and walk them through the progress of learning and playing they can reach what they want. I can help you get you passed your challenges.

Learning from an untrained guitar teacher is like shooting in the dark. One teacher could be good or very bad. Most guitar teachers are NOT trained how to teach guitar. Untrained teachers, teach out of books or they come up with things on the spot. In both of these cases the guitar teacher is teaching you "stuff" and doesn't have a plan for you based on what you want to achieve. So this is way you may feel you know a lot of stuff but still have a hard time playing guitar the way you want. With other Wausau WI guitar lessons, you will get some Q&A and feedback, but the checking for understanding doesn’t happen until a week, or more, later. That means you get tons of wasted time practicing wrong! You'll also get frustrated because you could have forgotten what the teacher said or you misunderstood the lesson. Then, after that long week all you will hear is “Oh you are playing that wrong” AFTER A WHOLE WEEK!!! This happens because other guitar teachers in Wausau have never been trained how to teach guitar to their students.

Learning From UNTRAINED Teachers

Learning Guitar Online

​Through websites like YouTube and even paid websites you get tons of information but, you get the information at the wrong time, and in some cases incorrect information can really get you stuck in your guitar playing.  This could lead to bad habits, massive frustration, a TON of WASTED TIME or even worse you quit playing the guitar all together because you get overwhelmed.

Books present topics to the learners in a linear way. Meaning you will spend a very long time on one topic or one part of your guitar playing and never move to another topic that is needed. Up front that seems great, you stay on one topic until you master it! Answer this question: "do you like feeling like a beginner?" most would answer no. That is how you will feel once you move to a different topic after "mastering" only one. That is because you have spent all this time working on only one part of your guitar playing so you may feel good about that one topic but once you go to another you will feel like a beginner. It can cause you to feel like you are not growing fast, that's because the approach is wrong. You need to be taught in a geometric way.

Learning Guitar From Books

Teaching Yourself Guitar

Teaching yourself is one of the slowest, most frustrating paths to take. The problem with teaching yourself is you don't know what you don't know. So If you don't have a game plan, and a direction as to what, how, and where to learn things you will be lost.

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